Friday, January 13, 2006

Doped Up Nation

Sometimes it seems like every person coming into our office takes some sort of medication. It turns out that 50% actually do (the numbers are probably higher in Houston. Nationwide 29% of women have Caesarean Sections to extricate their babies. In Houston, the number is between 40 and 50%.) To the medical profession this is normal.


While life expectancy has creeped up, most of the numbers are from better infant mortality rates (less babies dying ups the average life span--see how statistics can be BS?). This has nothing to do with quality of life.

Here is a typical cycle:

Bad thing happens. Feel bad. Take anti-depressent. Get hungry. Gain weight. Clog arteries. Take statins and cholesterol drugs. Lose sex drive (depression drug) and ability to maintain erection (for men who take statins) take Viagra. Experience mind-blowing headaches. Take anti-seizure. Get dizzy. Take diuretics and blood pressure meds. Bloat up like a balloon. Get joint pain. Take joint drugs. Get stomach ache (they cause G.I. bleeding) take GERD (a newly named non-condition) drug. Die a bloated, immobile, miserable, yet somehow complacent, shaky mess at a ripe old age.

Is this really, really how you want to live and die? There are alternatives. Just sayin.....

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