Monday, March 20, 2006

About Me

Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do you Blog?

Because I like to write and the brief nature of blogs suits me. Blogging is a way to share interesting tidbits I come across. Plus, it's fun.

How do you choose what you Blog?

At first, my intention was to blog topics more directed at business clients. What has ended up happening is that I blog about what interests me in all realms not just the business realm. Ultimately, most of the blog material herein affects people generally which affects their work-life. The new trends in the business world bored me--it all seems rehashed. If something pops up that I think is worthwhile I share it. Just to illustrate the banality of business buzzwords: "diversity" has given way to "inclusion" training. See, aren't you bored already?

What do you do besides Blogging?

My husband thinks blogging is all I do and cites as evidence the dishes that perpetually fill the kitchen sink. Actually, I occassionally see Chiropractic patients or cover the practice for my husband, who is also a Chiropractor, and do all the hiring and firing and some training and some planning and some web-site building (you get the idea), but this is not my main business. A few years ago I started a business, Ocean Management (website currently under reconstruction), using advances in neuroscience and applying them to Team Building programs--the main one being CEO of ONETM. I quickly realized that cross-country travel with kiddos at home was not for me, so I trained other doctors in my programs. Now, I see private practice clients working with them, some call it Coaching, helping them solve work issues, relationship issues and generally get on with getting the life they want.

You mention your children sometimes, especially the one who has Autism/Aspergers. Don't you think this is an intrusion on privacy?

Yes it is an intrusion and I try to be very careful about my posts in this regard. The reason I post about it, is that Autism and its derivatives currently are an American epidemic, even if no one is framing it in those terms. Parents are spending upwards of $50,000/year (some more) trying to help their children, mostly sons, overcome this strange syndrome. Bad treatments, good treatments and worthless treatments abound. Pinning the disorder down both genetically and evironmentally has yet to happen. More research needs to be conducted. I believe a cure is possible and that these children are underestimated, so that's why I bring attention to the topic.

Why don't you allow comments?

Oy. I did. Currently, Haloscan points to this blogsite which is messing up Blogger's comment portion. Fixing it has been a pain and I don't want to start a brand new blog to start with a clean sheet. Hopefully, this will get fixed soon.

You cover a lot of political stuff and can be very opinionated. It makes me uncomfortable.

I'm just a girl in the world.. My opinions do not represent anyone but me and are subject to change when I will be equally convinced of my opinion then. Feel free to disagree! One problem I see these days is that opinionated discourse is dismissed based on style rather than on content. My hope is to be thought-provoking and funny every once in a while, though I admit that I'm the least funny person I know.

This is who I am right now, today: A mom, wife, doctor who believes that Freedom is God-given, that it must be protected and if need be, fought for, that the founding fathers knew what they were doing, that the Word of God is the foundation of all knowledge, and my priorities are thus: God, Family, Country, in that order. Finally, I believe that each person is individually responsible for his or her life and that when the government does for a person what could be done for him/herself, it takes away the will to live. And my desire is that all people live and live abundantly.

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