Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Light Posting Wednesdays

Wednesdays, I see clients. That means that posting is sketchy. Today has been extraordinarily light. Sorry all.

Thought I'd update you about Cali. Yes, she's gone. But wow what an emptiness around the house. She had such a spirit presence. Always connected to us, always "on" for us. Dogs are amazing creatures. She was extraordinary.

Her declining health also consumed more emotional energy than I realized. Waking in the morning, my first stop would be the window to look after her. Coming home from some errand, I'd scan the backyard. Looking out during meals, if I didn't see her right away, a sense of panic welled up and I'd look around 'til there she was sunning herself on some soft leafy spot.

Anyway, I miss her and cry when thinking about her soft muzzle and beautiful, kind brown eyes for too long.

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