Friday, April 21, 2006

Build The Fence Prez

Well, The Minutemen are putting pressure on Amigo Bush. He is responding by lighting a fire of fear under businessmen who employ illegals. Here in Houston, that would be everyone. E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E.

Meanwhile, the illegals pour over the border in greater numbers in anticipation of emancipation.

Here's what I don't get: we have the best scientists in the world. Why can't we set a number of immigrants that we need in the U.S. to sustain the level of growth needed. Then, ease up passage to America. It's called Ellis Island. Open it. Make a similar one on this side of the Rio Grande.

Coming to the U.S. is an event! It is a gift. Skulking in like a criminal should NOT be part of the experience--unless you're a real criminal and then you should be rounded up by border patrol and sent to a Mexican prison.

Stupid straw-man arguments like "Can 11 Million People Be Deported?" irritate the heck out of me. I suppose they could if we tried really hard. But most Americans don't want this and every lawmaker and the insipid journalist/pollsters/news creator knows this even before they ask the stupid question.

Most Americans DON'T want to PAY FOR ILLEGALS. That's right: most Americans want illegals to pay taxes, like they do, pay their hospital bills and insurance, like they do. They don't want to pay school taxes for people who don't pay taxes and yet demand an education.

Ensure that every student, every patient, every welfare mom and dad is a citizen. Give drivers licenses and other licenses and homes to citizens ONLY. Two things will happen: the black market will grow bigger and many will go home because the services there will be better--or the same as here. Dry the well--people will go somewhere else to drink.

Make the people who want to be citizens go back and do the paperwork. Yes, a lot of them have businesses. Yes, a lot of them have knitted themselves into this society. Yes, this will cause hardship. Life is tough. Becoming an American has never been easy. It is a prize worth fighting for and hard.

Ungum the beauracracy here so people wanting to do the right thing, can.

Americans want immigrants. Americans love the fact that people love this country and want to come here. But the last thing Americans want or need is another entitled (and worse illegal) underclass.

Make it legal.

P.S. Build the fence. It's not the big deal Congress makes it out to be. It's called a border for a reason.


Christy're said...

I like Mitt Romney's efforts to increase skilled worker immigrants. He notes that we educate many PhD level non-Americans here in Massachusetts and then we ship them back to their home countries once they've obtained degrees. Why not consider them as potential immigrants? They certainly aren't entitled, nor are they an underclass. They can only increase the status of the USA as a world leader in knowledge and engineering.

I don't see why we don't have the same rules about immigrants as Mexico does. Fair's fair.

sonny said...

The elements of a secure border consists of the following:

1. A double fence (preferably with land mines in the middle); the entire border.

2. An intense crackdown on unscrupulous employers who feed the illegals desire to come to America - with stiff jail terms and heavy fines.

3. Rounding up the illegals in America and deporting them.

4. Recognizing that it isn't just Mexican nationals, but others from many other countries; and that it poses a "national security" issue.

5. Instituting effective legislation that addresses the entire scope and having effective leadership determined to priortize the matter - and with real teeth in it.

6. Funding the program effectively with "more than adequate" U.S. Border Patrol agents, and/or alternatively utilizing national guard troops from all quadrants of this country.

7. Remove the politics out of this issue; and if it cannot be done, pour out to the voting booth and get others in office who will get the job done.

8. Maintain the immigration laws in a consistent and on-going effective program.

9. Get the attention of our president by sending letters to the White House "demanding" that our borders be secure. If he ignores America's constituency, initiate removal from office proceedings.

10. Get the attention of your congressional and senatorial representatives from your district, and let them know how strongly you feel about this matter; and if they choose to ignore the situation, boot them out of office in November, or whenever they come up from re-election.

No, its not an easy fix, but these 10 points mentioned here will go a long way to stop the flow of illegals, turn the tide on employers as well as the illegals now in the U.S.

We're tired of the whining about this matter being racial. It is not! It's all about OUR freedom, and OUR country - and from the onslaught of deterioration that will surely result if continued to be "status quo."

If foreigners want to come into this country, there is only ONE WAY - the legal route by being sponsored by either a U.S. citizen, or a bonafide U.S. employer. Countless hundreds of thousands have done it in the past, and now either have permanent residency status, or have already been naturalized.

Yes, it does take time, but INS does have a program in place - only the illegals are the ones who choose to ignore it.

They choose to sneak in - which is a crime. They choose to get false ID's - which is a crime. They want you to believe they are helping out the U.S. - but they are only helping themselves - and many who do get the "cash" working, line up weekly at the Western Union Offices everywhere on a Friday, to send that cash back to their Mexican families.

As for the non-Mexican, say the Arab countries for example, they do the same thing - and they are hell-bent on doing whatever it takes to bring their families over here as well - even if it means bringing women & children across the border illegally.

But alas, the larger element, are the untold hundreds, if not many thousands, of terrorists who also sneak over the border and embed themselves with their like-kind.

What is it going to take for America's leadership to "wake up?"
How many suicide bombers from IRAN are already embedded in the U.S.?
How many others, like seen on TV today, wherein an Arab who gained citizenship, recently made plans with others here in this country, then went to Toronto, laid out yet more plans, and then set out to go to a military training facility in Pakistan - only finally to be caught at the airport?

This isn't "one of a kind" situations - its real! And there are many more.

If the United States of America is the "Land of the Home and the Free" then lets keep it that way.

As for the "land mines" mentioned in item 1 above - yes, its controversial - but illegals would have to think twice before attempting to cross that kind of barrier.

America needs to stop being policemen to the World, and begin to police its own borders!

Anonymous said...

Could not have said it better!