Wednesday, April 26, 2006


There are two topics that you won't see any advice about in this column: marriage and childrearing.


Both are so complex, so daunting and so enigmatic that to advise anyone while in the thick of the challenge would seem the height of folly. So I'll spare you.

This post sent by my brother offers excellent childrearing advice, though. The guy seems older and been there, done that. I don't know what his results have been, but it is still good advice.

P.S. He says that he doesn't set bed times. Hmmmm.... Well, I do. It is for the mama sanity factor.


vj said...

Great day, what would I do if I did'nt set bedtime at 8:00pm! I'm like's for MY sanity!!!!

vj said...

By the way, i like this guy's post. I added it to "Favorites".