Monday, April 03, 2006

Dr. Sanity: No Reality

Islam suffers from gender suppression that Westerners can hardly imagine. Read this from Dr. Sanity:

Enormous effort goes into veiling women, dressing women modestly, silencing women, covering women's bodies, punishing women, controlling women, reviling women, humiliating women, beating women, subjugating women, avoiding the dishonor of women, keeping women uneducated, policing women, infantilizing women--in short, dehumanizing women -- all under the guise of "protecting" and "honoring" them as they relegate them to animal-like status.

The women in this misogynistic Islam are brainwashed from birth into thinking that this cultural preoccupation somehow is necessary and that it "liberates" them in some bizarre manner.

Amazingly, this medieval culture has grasped the fundamentals of both Orwellian and postmodern rhetorical rationalizations, that are so prominent in certain intellectual quarters within our own culture! I have heard the canned rationalizations coming from their lips of muslim women myself; and they all claim that it frees them from having to be "sexual objects."

On the contrary, in Islamic society that is apparently the only role open to women. That, and breeders for the jihad. (emphasis added, ed.)

This societal psychopathology poisons all interactions between the genders; takes up an incredible amount of time and effort in so-called "intellectual" circles and is the subject of religious edicts and innumerable rules and strictures on women's behavior and in the religious and social life; and causes the pseudoscientific rantings of arrogantly pathetic men (like the one above) who try to justify their misogyny so that they don't have to deal with the reality of their frightened and impotent masculinity.

Women become mere possessions-vessels/repositories of the impotent male's honor. That men and women could relate equally in every sphere of human endeavor is a concept that is so alien and so threatening; I suspect it is what partly drives the rage the males feel toward western culture in general. [emphasis added, ed.]
I don't think it's only partly the cause, Dr. Sanity, I think the rage against Western Culture is almost wholly sexual in nature. By using the true "whore" exploitation in the West, pornography, "pimpin", etc, to justify their actions, they ignore the "Madonna" part of the West, too.

Western society is divided. Men here like having their cake and eating it, too--sexing up young "loose" women and then finding a good girl to marry. Like one of my friends who was referring to his colorful sexual experiences before marriage, said, "I don't judge the women I slept with. They were great!" "Oh really," I responded, "then, why did you marry a girl who had only one or two partners before you? Why not marry one of those 'great women' who had twenty sexual partners?" "Uhhhh....." Yeah, that's what I thought.

Islamic culture is unanimous: a woman has one use and that is reproductive. The Muslim men cover/control women because of their own deviance and impotence. They project their warped views of women (and their hidden needs of women--not just desire--but survival need) on every man (rightly so, it seems) and fear for their own loss.

Why does every society default to oppression of woman when things aren't going right for the men? Men in Islamic cultures suffer impotence and not only in bed. They can't get a job in most of their economies. They see their leaders using them and profitting off of them and they are impotent to do anything about it. Muslims in general suffer from disrespect in the civlized world mainly because their societies are viewed as uncivilized, which reinforces their impotence.

Muslim cultures will get no respect until the barbarian nature of their societies are left behind, but they can't leave the barbarian nature behind because that is their only warped way of attaining respect. Women as objects serves to feed their power need. They won't let go of this crutch easily. But if they never let go of the crutch (which is ultimately externalizing their frustration and rage at being used by a bigger man than them--their leaders) they'll never get the respect they crave.

Quite a pickle. Meanwhile, while the men are working out their weird power and impotence issues, women suffer. Childbearing, by biology, creates a woman who needs support and protection. She is not as physically strong as a man. An unevolved man exploits this for his own gain. An evolved man sees a sex partner and the creative sexual force manifested as a child. An evolved man isn't threatened by this, he revels in it.

While the West still battles the Madonna-Whore dichotomy, Islam's gender battle is simpler: women are chattal, the recipients of man's fears, frustrations, and hate.

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