Monday, April 03, 2006

Electronic Machines and Computer Fraud

Americans should worry about voter fraud by Hugo Chavez and here is why. This information is extraordinarily troubling. The thing is, on the face of it, the results for Venezuela's elections seemed wrong. With The Carter Center trumpeting the "good news", it still seemed unbelievable. Now we know there are 100:1 odds that the votes were tampered with and that the election got certified, anyway.

Ummm, is anyone concerned about that happening here in the U.S.? I am. Paper all the way. I want concrete evidence of my vote. It'd be even better if they used a receipt--feed the Scantron sheet in to the computer and receive a receipt saying "You voted for so and so and so and so". Create an appeals process if you're too dull-witted to fill out the proper circles and need a "redo".

Although, I feel the same way about voting that I do about "special needs" students at Medical School and Chiropractic College, if you can't take the test like everyone else, should you be given special provisions to do so? I mean, it's not like you'll get special provisions when a patient staggers bleeding, into your care. Likewise, a stupid voter makes stupid choices. Filling out the Scantron accurately should be a bare minimum requirement for voting, don't you think?

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