Sunday, April 30, 2006

Male Contraceptive Pill

It has been a source of consternation that men don't have a contraceptive device besides the universally maligned condom while women have several--none of which are very good. Men have simpler hormonal systems (duh!) than women and yet it is women whose complicated chemistry gets manipulated with The Pill, Norplant, DeproPrevara and other hormonal contraceptives.

A manly pill is just what the Doctor ordered! Research shows that it's completely reversible, too. It is fascinating how unmotivated men have traditionally been to take contraception into their own hands. They don't pay with the physical consequences (and sex now always trumps money later--the child support they would have to pay doesn't seem to change a young [or old] man's behavior). If a man got pregnant, this problem would have been addressed millenia ago.

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