Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Manolo is Superfantastic

I have been too serious of late and must get out of my religious reverie pour un moment to bring your attention to The Monolo's Food Blog. It is delicious. He is hilarious. He hates Katie Couric for the same reason I do:

On the one of the hands the Manolo finds the Rachael Ray to be supremely annoying, in the same way that the Manolo finds the Katie Couric to be annoying, which it is to say, that the Manolo disapproves of the bossy/bitchy person who hides behind the perky/nice exterior.

Amen, Manolo! Personally, under that perky exterior of hers is a seriously aggressive manly lumber jack man just wanting to throw on his flannel shirt, Levis and steel-toed boots and kick some tree-huggers stupid arse. Instead she wraps up her hostility in a crazed High School cheerleader exterior.

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