Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mary McCarthy: CIA Higher-Up Is Innocent

That the CIA and State Department and all the crevices of the U.S. government continue to be filled with operatives for politicians, political parties and probably foreign governments, too, suprises only the most naive among us. Major Media outlets depend, their very existence justified by, these "noble" men and women seeking to give the American public the "truth".

Mary McCarthy, who in any other generation or in any Democrat administration would be labelled a traitor, will be ignored as a story. Not because the press isn't thrilled with her, because they are. In fact, they are positively jubilant that women and men like her exist. They must not express too much sympathy, however, because it will further reveal their bias. As if that bias is at all hidden.

Meanwhile, a simlar yet far less damaging intelligence breach is being beaten into submission long after rigomortis has set into the death-by-flogging horse. Why this very day, the salacious hounds lick their never-sated drooling chops over the notion that Karl Rove testifies for the fifth time to a grand jury hoping, hoping for the desperately desired public hanging of said official.

The hypocrisy of these inside-beltway "journaists" knows no bounds. The Wall-Street Journal editorial team has their opinion. Christopher Hitchens writes his here. Read them both.

Here's the thing: I'm all for investigative reporting. Go get it! Catch the government doing illegal and immoral and unAmerican things. Do it!

But to call this investigative overestimates the reporter by a long shot. The reporter is a carefully chosen operative revealing delicate information for political reasons. Investigation? Hah! A gossip columnist must do more fact-finding. No, these reporters are spoon-fed information by CIA or State Department or Congress employees and members whose sole mission is undermine policies and people who disagree with them.

The reporters reveal their bias by being incurious to the extreme and disingenuous to boot. Either they don't care about their sources credentials and inherent biases. Or, they know them and choose not to include them because that would undermine (or could) the message they wish to convey.

It is one thing to have a propaganda war with another country. It is quite another to have one within your own country among government factions.

Does the far left wish to undermine the government so much that when they take the helm, it will be of a destroyed vehicle? When will they see that they will destroy themselves in the process?

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Chalmers said...

Wow, speaking of propoganda...

Only one issue with your post, where is the venom for the White House. Wasn't it Mr. Cheney (with W's blessing) that directed Scooter to do what he did?

Just imagine what the US could accomplish if all her elected leaders were focusing their energy on solving real problems instead of getting re-elected!