Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Book Introduction: Get Healthy!

Hi Everyone. I'm adding a new feature to the blog today--a serial feature that I intend to turn into a book. The premise of this venture is practical: the other Dr. Clouthier and I would like to have a simple book describing what we do and what will help patients heal faster.

It's a huge transformation to travel from a medical model which emphasizes outside influences like viruses and medication and surgery to a holistic model which emphasizes inside influences like immunity and nutrition and alignment spiritually, emotionally and physically. We would like to help explain that transformation. More information equals more power. We want to give patients who transform into partners the power to succeed. Actually, they have always had the power to succeed, we just hope to help them recognize it and use it.

The book will start at what I consider to be the most important elements of health proceeding to less influential, but still very important, elements of health. Here's the thing though, like a bicycle tire, if your health has even a tiny hole letting air out, the whole tire is affected. A lot of people ignore the tiny holes that slowly sap the energy, vitality and happiness out of their life until they have complete blow-outs. We hope to avoid those blow-outs--to prevent them. In addition, we want to help you build a more aligned, stronger, healthier bike--one that can take a lickin' and keep working. We want to help our partners in health become vital, resilient and joy-filled people achieving their dreams and fulfilling their God-given potential. Yes, the goal is ambitious. Yes, the goal is challenging. The great thing? In the seven years we have practiced here, hundreds of people have achieved this very thing, so we know, without a doubt, that you can, too.

Yours in health,


P.S. The great thing about posting the serialized book on the blog is that you can participate in the content. Post your comments and ask any questions. I'll try to get them into the book somewhere along the way.


Anonymous said...

Great idea! I know first hand how getting my priorities in order can help my health. I had a major surgery almost scheduled but decided to take control of what I put in my body instead. Needless to say, surgery was cancelled. I think having info. on women's health issues and how proper nutrition and exercise can help would be very beneficial. I am medication free and feel great! I was a huge skeptic and didn't think that diet changes/exercise would make a difference. Boy was I wrong!


vj said...


I think this is fantastic! I've often thought to myself that you should be writing a book. I'm glad to see you doing this. I am so proud of you guys!

I can only tell you from personal experience what dealing with the "whole" person has done for me. Over two years ago when I first came to Alternative Health Center, I suffered from severe headaches (migranes) since I've been a young child. My shoulders were hurting me constantly. Emotionally, I felt I was falling apart. I had suffered depression for years. The serverity of them would change depending of what was going on in my life. Life itself seemed incredibly dark and sad to me. My children kept me on course many times but even at that, I was not present many, many times. I had learned to cover my sadness up well. Most people did'nt even know how I was "really" feeling.

Coming to Alternative Health Center was a huge change for me. I started on supplements almost right away. That in itself made such a difference. I received regular adjustments and started with NET. Now, two years later I feel so different. The world does not look so dark and sad to me. I feel much more grounded, emotionally settled and clearer in my thinking. I am moving forward to do things I've wanted to accomplish for a long time but always had huge doubts about myself. In some ways, I feel that life is just now starting for me. I am thankful that I am not alone after all.

Good luck on writing your book. It will be a fine one, I know. I am also continuing on mine.