Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Congress Searched: Me Thinks They Doth Protest Too Much

The Republican outcry over the search of scumbag Representative William Jefferson of Louisiana's Congressional office has me wondering. What else hides in that debauched palace? (I was going to say place, but it really is a palace.)

Come on, fellas! Any American can be searched for any reason if terrorism is suspected. Common citizens are violated daily just getting on airplaines. And don't get me started on the different agencies that can make a small business person's life hell: OSHA, IRS, HIPPA, ETC. Americans are hen-pecked to death by their own government.

Glenn Reynolds and his lawerly friends don't think that Congress has a leg to stand on, despite their threats that "this will end up across the street" [at the Supreme Court]. Puhleeeze.

The rest of Congress is probably peeing their collective pants right now wondering how to unobtrusively remove the evidence of their pay-offs, blackmail, kick-backs, bribes, and other nefarious schemes. They thought their badness was protected by "the separation of powers". Am I to understand that the U.S. President, His staff, all of Congress, their staffs and the Supreme Court members are all above the law? Am I to understand that if one of these people just happened to be a serial murderer and stashed the heads in the fridge in their office that they could claim "separation of powers"? Am I to understand that the Framers enacted the Constitution to create a whole specially protected class of citizens?

I'm no lawyer. But this whole think reeks to high Heaven. Arrogant idiots.

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