Sunday, May 21, 2006

Mayor Nagin Wins!!!!!!!!

Ray Nagin, the chocolate mayor whose grace and vision during crisis will be the subject of management classes for decades, won by a 52 to 48 margin pulling 100% of the black vote and a significant crossover from the white population in north New Orleans.

"We are so excited about the election results," said a voting activist living in Houston. "Mayor Nagin demonstrated such amazing leadership skills over the last year that we expect amazing things in the future."

When asked why the resident wasn't living in New Orleans she said, "We're taking a wait and see approach. When it gets better, we'll move back."

When do you think that will happen? "Oh, ten or twenty years from now."

Instapundit thinks that NO will have burnt its last little bit of good will and rot in the semi-tropical sun. Brendan Loy actually thought accountability was part of politics in New Orleans. Brendan still has one year left of his law degree. You can forgive his naivite.

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