Thursday, May 18, 2006

Mexico: Revolucion

Crime. Corruption. Drug Lords. Officials on the take. Elite ruling class. Unemployment. Lack of education. Underclass.

Fear. Anger. Desperation.

Have you seen the musical Les Miserable or read the Victor Hugo novel set 100 years before the French Revolution? It is an instructive piece of literature about what creates the parts of a revolution. All that is lacking in Mexico--enraged college students taking up the plight of the common man.

Mexico teeters on the brink. If you think we have an influx of "guest workers" now, if societal unrest gets nuts, just wait.

I spoke of this concern before when blogging about the border problem. Some worry that a fence will encase Mexico like a hot tea pot that can no longer let off steam and cause an explosion.

Doubtful. The tea pot is nigh unto exploding without the fence and has been a long time brewing.

A revolution south o' the border would not be good for U.S. security amigo.

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