Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Why America Doesn't Suck Right Now

Since I've been a self-described malcontent and general snagglepuss lately regarding a myriad things--illegal immigration has my panties in a bundle at the moment--I thought maybe I should balance my views now.

America doesn't suck because:

  1. I can say America sucks and not be thrown into the gulag.
  2. The economy is rockin' and rollin' thanks to Bush.
  3. If Bush has his way, tax cuts will be made permanent.
  4. We haven't suffered a terrorist attack for almost five years now. Who would have thought?
  5. People still want to come to America because she's still the best country on earth.
  6. The Supreme Court is getting more constructionist...hopefully.
  7. Congress can be a bunch of morons and the country still functions.
  8. People are free to pursue their dreams.
  9. The Internet started here. It is still free. It is still mind-blowing.
  10. There are brave men and women willing to fight and defend our freedom--choosing to, no draft, no mandated training.
My recent rantings could frame me as an ungrateful wench. Which, during my worst moments, I can be. But I just wanted to say that I still love my country.

Which is why WE NEED TO BUILD A FENCE NOW! (Sorry, couldn't help myself.)

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