Thursday, May 04, 2006

Why America Sucks Right Now

Well posting has been light, mostly because I've been running around like the proverbial headless-chicken. Also because, well, I'm sick of the news. Disgusted really.

The Moussaui trial is over. A man complicit in the deaths of 3000 Americans lives. You know what it made me think of? The psychopath couple in England who sexually assaulted a 12 week old baby over and over and received something like five years in prison. We have all become so intellectually vain that simple right and wrong is lost in the sea of excuses. Poor Mr. Moussaui, he had a rough childhood. Big whup! What does that have to do with the proper execution of justice? When people are afraid to make the right decision because it is tough there is no justice. When there is no justice, society starts slipping into apathy and recklessness. People figure it doesn't matter anyway... The JUST thing would be to hang Saddam. The JUST thing would be to publicly hang Mussoui. Quickly. Everyone knows their crimes. To go through the pretense is to make a mockery of justice--it doesn't demonstrate justice. It demonstrates moral silliness.

Iraq. Afghanistan. Can we please just utterly crush these "insurgents". Wipe out a neighborhood. Just wipe it out. Let everyone know that if they harbor a bad guy they are toast. Scrub the places clean. The Taliban and Al Quaida is coming back to Afghanistan. Arm the locals and tell them to shoot to kill down to the last scumbag. This is WAR not some service project.

Gangbangers in the military. What? What is wrong with this government that this is okay? Criminals in the military. Ummm...... Now, what to do with these precious people. How about put them in the brig? Since when is it okay to deface government property wherever it is? This makes me want to scream.

The comedian Colbert thing. Why do President's go to a Press deal? I know it's a tradition. Blah, blah. It's stupid. The comedian, like the preacher waxing elephant at Coretta King's funeral, demonstrated the lie of the left: that America is the baddie and everyone else is the goodie--from China to Iran to the UN to ANYONE BUT THE U.S. The irony, of course, is that in any other country these no-minds would be tossed in the Pinta (spanish for jail, fyi). They know they're safe in the U.S., but will bloviate incessantly about our lost freedoms while ignoring or outright condoning and encouraging true dictatorial regimes or in the case of the UN utterly corrupt figureheads. They demonstrate their own mind blindness.

The oil thing. It's called supply and demand. The Republicans have a stupid plan. The Democrats have a stupid plan. No one is looking to the future--unless you call mid-term elections looking toward the future. I HATE CONGRESS.

Spending. Trent Lott is a moron. He has competition for the King Moron title, but he's right up there. The fat, self-serving people who call themselves public servants must be publicly flogged. Every time one of these people adds pork to a bill, they should literally be put in stocks. Since this can't happen I am ALL FOR TERM LIMITS. Power corrupts. The Senate starting with McCain-Feingold and their dumb bill ensuring that incumbants get to stay in power, is utterly corrupt. Flog them all.

New Orleans. The city is now, what the city has always been and what the city will always continue to be. The best we can hope for is that another Cat 5 Hurricane comes and wipes the rest of it out. The only thing that will save people and tax dollars will be complete and utter destruction. The city is incapable of being governed well. How do we know this? People are actually defending White Chocolate Nagin as the best choice. God help them.

Illegal immigration. Are you kidding me? Che t-shirts? Reconquista? We need a fence. We need to start going after employers--this walkout on Monday was quite illuminating. Construction and fast food came to a halt. So Americans would have to pay more for homes and eat less fast food. Textile mills in LA got closed down. So? Does anyone feel the least bit guilty about a $5 outfit for a kid when it cost $15 when we were kids? Gimme a break. Find a way to make the immigration legal, BUT NO AMNESTY!

Tax cuts. Make them permanent and stop spending so much of OUR money.

The Economy. It's going good. Americans are a bunch of complaining malcontents. (Consider Me Exhibit "A".) Everyone willing to work, has a job. We are at war. We have a myriad of social problems. We live under the threat of another whack-job attack. And yet, the economy rumbles along. Can we please enjoy this while it lasts? Because it doesn't last. At least give Bush props for this one small thing.

Which brings me to President Bush. You can take the boy out of the Aristocratic Northeast but you can't take the Aristocratic Northeast outta the boy. Some day, liberals are going to look back and see Bush's positions and pine away for the good old days. What rubs them wrong about Bush is what they perceive as a God-complex. As usual, they are at odds with his STYLE. But his substance is all Blue Blood Democrat. Sure he likes a big army. Sure he is a hawk on Foreign Policy. Sure he's a bit feistier than Dad Dad Daddio in affect. Sure he comes across as awkward sometimes during speeches. But the substance is there for all liberals to know and love, if only they'd look a tad deeper: increase size and scope of the government. Yay! Increase social spending. A lot. Yay! Tweak the schools, but don't upset the Teacher's Union too much. Yay! Open the borders to a new underclass and then give them social services so we can redistribute wealth. Yay! Never veto anything ever. Yay!

The thing that bugs me about President Bush: He seems utterly committed to ideas utterly unsupported by the average American who voted for him over the true Aristocrat Kerry. Come on!

President Bush needs to stop the hand-wringing. He needs to put on the cowboy boots and be the badass that the press and the Left already believe he is. Veto bills that are bad for America. Put some teeth into border control. Communicate more. Stop letting handlers do yer talkin'. You have ZERO to lose at this point. How low can ratings go? With the press crafting polls that lead to deliciously wicked results, we'll find out. Meaningless.

Yup, so this whole bunch of news bothers me. For all the "America Sucks!" talk by the Europeans, my fear is that America sucks right now because we're acting like Europe. Moral pretzels. Unwilling to make the tough decision. Politically correct to the point of endangering our culture. Spending like socialists. Guilt over greatness. Appeasing criminals. The ruling class acting like Lords maintaining Fiefdoms. They know better than the average person aka serfs.

Here's a ray of hope: In America, we vote. Midterms are coming. Does that scare the leadership? It should. It does. But will their fear be a catalyst for making principled choices that benefit their employers/constiuents? That remains to be seen.


Christy're said...

Hear hear! You should submit this to online journals; it's a great synopsis of much discontent we all have.

Chalmers said...

Wow, at least you are taking it easy sister. Well, of course I disagree with you on W, he is spending like a Dem and taxing like a Repub (bad combination).

As for the immigration stuff, you are on target. There is no doubt that there can be no reward for breaking laws.

As for the press "crafting" polls, I am not sure how you can blame the press for the same question being asked for the last 6 years and fewer people approve of the job he is doing. This actually makes sense, he is serving none of america, with the exception of some big business, it would be more suspicious if his approval ratings were high. You are his target constituent and look how you regard him...

Assalamu alaikum,

A Great American said...

"WAR not a service project" i am asking permission to use that!
Sixty years ago in WWII America could clear IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN in three months! Wars are meant to be horrible. I mean, WE AS AMERICANS shouldn't be listening to other countries about how and why we fight our wars!

~ you're great, keep it up!!!!