Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Al Gore: Shaman to the Wicked Environmental Destroying Masses

It makes sense to pick up after oneself. It makes sense to recycle and reuse. It makes sense to use nature to protect the environment--picking weeds instead of herbacides, creating strong hybrids resistant to critters. It makes sense to do our part to help keep the environment healthy.

It does not make sense to give humanity the all-powerful ability
to change the weather, to cause hurricanes, to manufacture earthquakes. It does not make sense to make a religion out of the environment.

It is the fanatical leap I object to. This is based on science, by the way. It seems that if one doesn't believe in Global Warming one must be an ignorant, religious nut. But who's looking religious and nutty these days? Dr. Sanity calls Al Gore the modern day Shaman.

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