Thursday, June 29, 2006

Al Zarquawi's Mom's Blog

You think I'm kidding? His mom has a blog and here is what she says:

this burqa is very hot. filthy LA traffic! I am sitting in a boiling hot Prius with some crazy lady named Laurie David. She lent me her blackberry and she is taking me to some expo and i am getting very tired. I would like some water. I spent all of yesterday listening to fat sweaty man named Rob Reiner talk about "footprints." If my son were here...He would need a big knife for such a fat man. WHy does he always wear such a silly hat? This is the moment when the hand of the Merciful Allah strikes down my son's enemy for this terrible boxed lunch. There is very little meat in this wrap. all lettuce and caesar dressing. Do they not know who I am? these eaters of pigs... I doubt the Bush one eats boxed lunches. Or drives a Prius. Hold on, Laurie is asking me something... sorry, she missed the exit. . I am a grieving mother of an innocent victim in a war on terror and i am listening to someting called Yanni. this is NoT music. Who are these people? WHen will the hand of the Merciful Allah strike down my son's enemies and put on some decent music? blessed me this Laurie David drives like a drunk goat. She almost hit a real car.
I miss my son. Not his wives. Combined age, they were 18. I told him to date some one closer to his age, but did he listen? No. And I won't even get started about the chickens. Now it is time for the Bush one, cursed be he! Allah needs to make level with CNN for bumping me from the show last night. I had all my talking points written down. Sat in the green room for hours. Then they have a fitness instructor on to talk about "problem areas."
There is only one problem area. That is America.
Perhaps we will stop at Wendy's. They have those square burgers, no?

She is going on my blogroll. Praise Allah!

H/T Andrew Sullivan. Thanks Andrew, I think our shared humor might be the only thing we share. Maybe not the only thing, but close to the only thing.

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vj said...

Oh my gosh, this is unreal!
Hate just pours out of this woman.