Monday, June 19, 2006

Best Gift Ever

Scott Adams talks about the best gift he's ever received.

Got one you'd like to share?

UPDATE: Okay, guys, I guess I'll go first. The idea was to share the best gift you ever received here.

My best gifts are high on schmaltz factor. This year, the art teacher at school had the kids create a calendar with characters for each month with our kid's picture as the character. It was one of those boo-hoo, "I love it. I'll love it forever" gifts. When I am old and gray, when the kids are teenagers and hate my guts, I'll get out that calendar to remind myself what precious little pumpkins they were/are and how I absolutely am consumed by love for them.

As far as a gift that keeps on giving--I love my Lord of the Rings book and my I-Pod and the little surround-sound player is AWESOME for fun. The I-Pod is engraved by my sister and husband with a quote that I cherish (it's a secret). It makes me smile every time I hold it.


vj said...

It did my heart good today to tell about one of my best gifts I've ever received.

vj said...

Let me share it here as well then:

During my years growing up in an orphanage in Germany, I had a teacher in 3rd, 4th, 5th, & 6th grade whom I loved very much. I always felt that I also held a special place in her heart. Those words, however, were never spoken.
When my teacher heard from the other children that I would be moving to America because my father had found me and is flying over to get me, she made a surprise visit. I was thirteen years old. I was upstairs in my room when I heard some kids yell, Viola, Viola, you have a visitor. I was shocked to see her since I did not have her for an entire year as my teacher and I was also shocked because I've never had anyone visit me in the orphanage. She gave me a box and a letter, huged me and wished me the very best for my life. My face turned red and I was not sure how to respond. When she left, I opened the little box and in it lay a beautiful little four leaf golden pendant. I opened the letter and started to read words that I would come to cherish the rest of my life. She explained that she cared deeply for me and wanted to adopt me but because of her own difficult situation with her husband, she felt it would be unfair to bring me into a situation like that. I cried so hard as I read her letter because I had felt that I did have a special place in her heart. Now I knew it for sure! Over the years I read that letter over and over again, mostly when I was feeling alone and sad. My tears had finally crumbled it up to the point I could no longer open it up. This August, I will be in this country 30 years. I still have close contact with my special friend. I am deeply thankful for this gift that initially manifested itself in a pendant and a beautiful letter.