Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Decorum During War

Would it kill Pierce Bush, nephew to the Prez and son of Neil to act/be sober during the War effort put forth by guys his age? That's the question by right leaning bloggers and others like Marc Cooper.

On the left it's, "How come a guy who looks like Alfred E. Newman and the name Pierce Bush (hehehe) can be so popular/get laid/have fun/have friends when I am lonely, smelly, and haven't had the object of my affection's attention since EVER?" Couldn't be jealousy. Nah.

The interesting thing, war aside and all, is that The Left never seemed to mind Wild Bill Clinton's partyin' ways during Kosovo or Somalia. He was hot. He was "Bubba". He was approachable in more ways than one. G.W. had his partyin' days and gave them up for a wife and to parent his kids. I guess it would be more acceptable if 1) he had never partied and reformed, then the forever infantile wouldn't be so put off by his "high and mighty" or 2) if he continued his excessive ways and showed that "he is human". Except, oh that's right, he's REPUBLICAN. He must exhibit supreme self-control and perfection without seeming like a boring, tight-ass.

Let's face it, most people want a president they can relate to. People can relate to having a Bud or Coors with Bill or W. (if he was still drinking). Can you imagine having a beer with John Kerry or Nancy Pelosi or, even, Hillary Clinton? These tight-arsed snobs wouldn't deign to spare two minutes with the average man, first of all. Second, they'd be drinking some fine Chardonney and clucking about alternative fuels and the latest MOMA exhibit.

The malcontents at Wonkette couldn't care less about disrespecting our soldiers by flouting decorum. They care that an entitled Bush goes to school (it's University of Texas for heaven's sake not Princeton), joins a frat and partays with the local cross-dressing celeb street person who actually seems to like said squirrelly Pierce (hehehe) Bush. The Alfred Newman Bush is cool and gets hot babes. It's so unfair! There ought to be a government subsidy for dorks needing women. The Wonkette readers would be first in line.

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