Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Few of My Favorite Things

Pepperidge Farm's Rialtos. Heaven in a cookie: chocolate cookies with raspberry filling and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Mmmmmm.....

Mini Coopers. I'm sorry. This obsession of mine has not dimmed in the years after it has been released. In fact, my ardor has only grown with time. I would like a snazzy, custom-painted convertable please--and before I get too old.

My Video I-Pod. Still love it. The Klipsch I-Groove is fantastic, too. I know. It's been mentioned before. A lot.

Orlando Bloom. My strange fixation persists. Please don't lecture me about the fact that he is "few" years younger than me. (That seems to be happening more and more, sheesh!) See what happens when overbearing parents prevent Duran-Duran posters in the teenage years? I get my fix soon. Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest comes out in a few weeks. And, guess what? For my added viewing pleasure there's a little Johnny Depp thrown in for spice. (Oh, by the way, rent Depp's movie Finding Neverland. It's awesome.)

Instapundit. I simply can't help myself. Glenn Reynolds has surpassed Drudge for my Obsessive-Compulsive Internet-news check. I agree with him a lot and even though he's a lawyer, he seems like a nice, even-tempered dude who has smart takes on lots of issues. Plus, he got me hooked on more Sci-Fi/Fantasy stuff--as if I need more hooks. Firefly is the best. Thank you, Glenn.

Lord of the Rings. The more I read, the more I love, love, love Tolkien. He da' man. The movies are fantastic--extended versions only, please. The shorter ones simply leave too much out. I have few quibbles with Peter Jackson's directorial decisions. My only huge beef is how he wrote Faramir's character. Heap o' crap. Beyond that, they are the only movies I can watch over and over and over again. Oh, and someone please buy me the 50th Anniversary Leather edition. Someone, anyone?

Games. Mostly Bridge, Texas Hold 'Em Poker (only with other people) and Sodukus. Sodukus are generally for mind-numbing entertainment. Along those lines, Yahoo Games has this word play game called Text Twist that is a great time waster. The other stuff is for when strategy and teamwork sound fun.