Thursday, June 22, 2006

Globe Warmest Since 400 Years Ago

400 Years ago, GM manufactured these super-sized four-wheelers that indiginous peoples in the Americas used to traverse uncleared terrain. They burned copious amounts of fossil fuels and we're large enough in size that a family of 40 could sleep comfortably--safe from ravenous black bears.

Meanwhile, in Europe, Volvo built huge refineries to support Nordic conquests. In Japan, Isuzu built air-conditioned rockets and China built whatever the rest of the world couldn't in automated factories that consumed billions of tons of cow dung and emitted sulfurous belches that shook the earth off its axis.

It's true. I swear. In a former life, 400 years ago, I was environmental scientist and warned those Middle Aged jerks about how their nefarious actions heated the atmosphere and doomed all mankind forever and ever and ever. And ever.

The Anchoress has more.

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