Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Islamic Terrorists: To Canada With Love

Even our socialist, pacifist, better-than-stupid-Americans neighbors (via Varifrank) up North seem to be targets of the "peaceful" Islamists. Why would that be? The Canadians mounted firmly on their high horses have done absolutely nothing (unlike America) to provoke would-be jihadists. Canadians abhor "illegal and colonial" efforts by super powers and yet, Canada like France, like Denmark, like Britain (they deserved it though, for being so damn Yankee friendly), like Spain, like Shiite MUSLIM children going to school in Bagdad seem to be targets anyway.

Here is a current Canadian Editorial at the Hamilton Spectator:

That doesn't mean advocating assimilation and the resulting loss of the cultural difference which we have so long celebrated. It does mean working to avoid the isolation in which some communities place themselves, an isolation that is neither healthy nor encouraging of understanding.

One of the biggest challenges now is for Canadians to avoid falling into a self-defeating trap of cultural shunning and discrimination. To have anger become racial animosity would be a huge loss for all of us.

What the? Yup, desiring assimilation equals "racial animosity". Wouldn't want someone to lose their barbaric, stupid "cultural difference" like the burqua-wearing spouses of these home grown terrorists. It would be culturally insensitive to force these brutal, hate-mongering, misogynist thugs to let go of their medieval ways.

Is it any wonder the Islamists think the West is filled with a bunch of sitting-duck dupes?

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could look at some international news for a change and see that Canada had boots on the ground in Afghanistan and up the Taliban's butt. Canadian soldiers are dying in the fight but giving better than getting. That is why we are a target. It's no wonder that anti-americanism is on the rise when it's citizens demonstrate smug attitudes based on ignorant notions and prejudices.

Dr. Melissa said...

I love Canada and always have, but found their reaction to America's decision to holding Saddam's regime responsible (unlike the U.N. security council) "smug, ignorant and prejudiced." It irritates me that every third world dictator receives more slack than the U.S. leadership. Canada's handwringing over America's unchecked Imperialism is laughable considering Canada would be a much nicer target for colonization than Iraq, don't you think?

Canada's military has rich and storied history. They are indeed fierce warriors and I'm grateful to have solid allies and trained forces fighting such a nasty foe as the Taliban. These reasons make it all the more discouraging that they decided not to fight with the U.S., Britain, Australia, Poland and other countries in Iraq and chose instead to join with Europe in their reticence to remove another vile regime.