Saturday, June 24, 2006

Letter From A Soldier to the New York Times

Read it. Want to know why the New York Times revealing State secrets costs lives? The soldier writing the letter will tell you.

You know, it occurs to me that the New York Times editorial staff are ultimately the Republican's best friends. Everyone on God's green globe knows that they lean liberal and work as the Left's mouthpiece. No one trusts Democrats on security (let's see, our choices are Murtha, Kerry, Kennedy, Pelosi, Clinton, arghhhhh!) . The Times just reminds people over and over and over again why they really, really can't be trusted--we know a conservative loyal to the country isn't spewing the secrets. They would sell America's soul (and have) for a buck, for fame, for an award, for convenience and for hatred of the President.

H/T: Glenn Reynolds aka Instapundit

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Anonymous said...

Dr M thank you for keeping us updated on the treasonous NYT. This is a scandal that the public should take note of. Sadly that may not happen.