Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Newsweek Says Brad Pitt Makes US Great

Steve brought the Newsweek home from the office and showed it to me. Brad Pitt's mug stood out in front, in front--of doctors, of common people who are doing great things and just ahead of Solidad O'Brien the reporter. Did Newsweek intend to be metaphorical in their cover? Celebrities and journalists are just a little bit, make that a lot, better than the rest of us. That was my first impression. And I laughed.

My second thought was wondering what the heck Pitt has done for mankind besides showing his glorious ass as the character Achilles in the movie Troy. For that contribution this lady will be forever grateful. I want to thank Brad here and now. What else has this pompous dude done besides cheat on his wife and procreate with ole' what's her name?

My third thought was "Hey, wait a minute. Brad Pitt wasn't really a helpy helper until he hooked up with Ms. Angelina Jolie. Why is he getting all the kudos?" Newsweek is not just silly, it's sexist, too. How typical. A woman does all the hard work (not to mentions births a baby in the middle of her hard work) and her stupid hanger-on husband gets all the credit.

Brad Pitt was interviewed for the article and bemoaned the helicopters above his house that were so loud he couldn't hear the questions. Awwww.... It does seem like his heart is in the right place and all, but all and I wish him luck. But is he, as auther Sean Smith swoons, "part of the solution"? That might be a stretch.

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