Friday, June 30, 2006

Star Jones: How Not to Leave Gracefully

When someone leaves a job and cries at a squealing pitch about how wronged she is, other people get the impression that said person was let go for legitimate reasons. Star Jones risks blowing any future career opportunities because she simply cannot fathom that someone would fire her and won't shut up about it. Right or wrong, it's done. Move on. She could have exited gracefully and not burned bridges. Too late now.

Advice when fired:

  1. Leave with dignity. Don't stoop to gossip. Don't bad talk your employer.
  2. Learn what you can. Did you play even a teensy, weensy part in the process? Just a bit? Maybe?
  3. Look for the opportunities. You're suddenly free! That career move or city you've always dreamed about is possible now. Carpe diem.

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