Thursday, June 29, 2006

Testosterone for Women

There are natural alternatives to taking synthetic or mass-produced testosterone. Like so many hormonal enhancements there are unintended health-consequences and most seem to affect the heart.

One common help is adrenal support (this is where testosterone is made in women) in the form of co-factors like B vitamins and Vitamin C and Zinc. Also, there are gonadatrophins, supplements that feed the gland so it can heal by Standard Process. These are natural alternatives to chemically changing biochemistry versus giving the body the raw material so it can heal itself.

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vj said...

Great article! Messing around with hormones is dangerous anyway in my opinion and from my experience. Although not related to this Testosterone artice, I want to share how my heart was affected when I was on a birth control shot every three month I believe. It was easy and I loved it. The changes occured so slowly that I did not realize I was in a mess until it became a huge problem. Not only did I start getting huge break outs on my neck and face, found myself in a pre-menoupausel state with depression so deep it was scary, but I started to have heart problems. I found out that I had a Prolaps
(probably all my life) but then they also told me I had "Early Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy" (sp?)and they could not figure out why. My doctor said I needed to get off the birthcontrol right away since I was in a pre-menoupausel state. He then referred me to a Cardiologist. I had to see him every six month and then once a year from here on out. Low and behold, after I was off the birth control shot for a time, the tickening of my heart wall started to thin. Now 15 yrs later there is no trace of this condition in my heart and last year my Cardiologist told me I did not need to return but only every so often to keep an eye on the Prolaps. The doctors could not explain this but I am convinced to this day it was the birthcontrol shot that started to mess with my heart. I've never been on any sort of hormones again. It scared the you know what out of me.