Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Women: Speak Up!

Why do women run from criticism? Why don't they speak up in mixed company? Why won't women comment on blogs when blog usership is equally a woman-thing?

My husband sez it's because women are too busy and have better things to do (like dishes and laundry?) than comment on blogs while men goof around at work and comment on blogs.

Since my readership is primarily women--or at least I think it is--why won't you regular readers comment? Do you not want to? Busy? Bored with the topics?

Just askin'.....


vj said...

I sure don't have a problem commenting if I want to. It only takes a minute, I still get all my stuff done and its fun when its a subject I can relate to and is relevant to my life. Sometimes it has even been therapeutic! :-) Politics to me is booooooooooooooring, Dixi Chicks are really boring, reading about what the "stars" are wearing or doing it of no interest. However, I love health issues, relationship issues, mind, body, spirit issues, spiritual issues, issues on raising children, etc,etc,etc, those are all the things I love to read.
You seem to have such a wide range of interests, keeping your blog very eclectic and interesting. I skip through a lot, but I also read quite a bit.

It's fun when others comment as well...I like to get in other peoples head sometimes. This is a good way of doing it. :-)

Sharon said...

Not sure why I don't comment very often, but I know that some days I feel I'm doing pretty good just to check your blog, let alone come up with something witty to say in response to a post. :) (That's assuming my comment should be intelligent and relevant to the topic.) sts

Anonymous said...

Your BLOG is fabulous!! I learn so much and you connect me to places that I wouldn't know about otherwise. Keep up the good work! You have a loyal following, maybe we need to do a better job spreading the word about your BLOG.