Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Aaron Had A Screw Loose

Oh, I thought for you who are new to the blog, or didn't get last week's post you might want to know Aaron's History here.

Everyone is doing great!

And today he got it tightened. Can you imagine a screw coming lose that is drilled into your skull and a technician taking a wrench and tightening it? Yeah, well, Aaron yawned this morning, felt something "pop" and had to get it fixed. So that was today's adventure.

Overall, though, Aaron looks better, more color in his face, more zip in his step. His body is healing. It wasn't just C-1 that got damaged. He squashed two thoracic vertabrae, too. He will probably lose one half an inch to an inch of height before this is all said and done. Minor, really, compared to what could have happened.

Tonight, we left Hearts behind and played some version of Dominos. Not to brag or anything, but a Clouthier won and it wasn't my husband. Pure luck, really. Still, fun to win!

Rhonda didn't know what a blog was. Can you imagine? I know, disturbing. She knows now. And the last post made her cry. Aren't I terrible?

This is Collette, member of Fellowship of the Woodlands and family friend. She has been managing meals, house cleaning and just about everything else the family needs. She is also looking for a man. Any takers?

Tallying the score. Did I mention that I won?

Back in bed for rest says the wife.


Danielle.Hargrove said...

Hi Melissa...
Thanks for keeping us updated with the Aaron Wiley adventure! This blogging thing is great for that kind of thing. And... by the way... love reading all your other posts and commentaries on life / politics / health etc... you are an awesome writer... you should write a book!

Take care for now...
Danielle Hargrove

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update and the family photos. Please keep it up to keep family and friends connected.

Dr. Melissa said...

Thank you for the kind words, Danielle. Are you the Danielle Hargrove married to Dave? Is that still the case?

Went to your blog. Interesting stuff! Some of my work includes that type of thing, too.

Hope you are well. And, if you are the one and the same Danielle, have you ever bumped into Fleur Brown? I've tried for ages to contact her.


Anonymous said...

Hello roommate from the past!! Fleur Brown had a hotmail address but I don't think she uses it anymore...used to get a word out of her once in a while, a few years back. She is down under. Sounds like you are doing well and I'm enjoying your Aaron updates.

Dr. Melissa said...

Roommate from the past? Please email me! Don't ya love the internet?

Danielle.Hargrove said...

Hi again...
Yes... one and the same Danielle Hargrove - still married to Dave - we're coming up for 15 years this year! Are living in Sydney, Australia... have 2 kids - boy, Jordan, who is 8, and girl, Mackensie, who is 5. Dave is doing great - works for Dell (if we ever move back to the US, it will most likely be where the Dell HQ is in Austin, TX!)... and you have a bit of an idea what I get up to (in my spare time, when I'm not being a soccer mum etc!)

Sounds like you are doing well!
How many are you two these days??

Heidi said...

hi melissa - thanks for the updates on aaron, rhonda and the boys. rhonda and i were the best of friends growing up in florida. i'm not the best at keeping in touch, but think about all my friends often. so it's nice to see their photos and hear the encouraging news about aaron and his miracle!

Dorothy said...

Hi Melissa....thank you so much for the great job of updates on Aaron, the miracle man, as well as Rhonda & those little guys. We really appreciate the updates, Aaron's complete recovery is so important and fragile. Our prayers/thoughts are with them daily.

Dorothy T
PS - Rhonda, don't feel bad -- I didn't know what a 'blog' was either. ;o)