Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Allah Says: Canada Greenlights Terrorists for Travel

No, this is not a joke. Read more here. He reports:

Not an exaggeration. I understand that racial profiling can be abused, I understand that the U.S. watch list is a bit, shall we say, overinclusive. But, um…

It’s every joke you’ve ever heard about Canadian politeness, times a million:

Being a member of a terrorist organization won’t necessarily land someone on Canada’s no-fly list, The Canadian Press has learned…

“You cannot be put on the list on the sole basis that you’re a member of a ‘terrorist group,’” the source said. “In addition, you have to be a demonstrable threat to aviation safety.”

The source said that under the proposed regulations, people involved in a terrorist group — either now or in the past — could be added to the list only if there were reason to suspect they may “compromise civil aviation, the security of any aircraft or aerodrome, or the safety of the public, passengers or crew.”

My favorite quote? "You have to be a demonstrable threat to aviation safety." I guess run of the mill terrorists intent on blowing up buildings upon landing are a-ok. Crazy, 'eh?

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