Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Ann Althouse on Academic Follies

The Academy's molly coddling of wack-jobs continues to amuse and piss off average Americans. A couple thoughts she doesn't consider:

  1. It is irritating because average tax payers are paying for the nonsense.
  2. It is irritating because average tax payers must then cut off their right arm and leg to afford the tuition at such "esteemed" institutions for their beloved progeny.
  3. It is irritating because average tax payers must then listen to their previous cogent child prattle on about the nonsense presented as fact at the academy.
  4. It is irritating because the pursuit of knowledge is hardly the goal. And that seems bothersome considering it's college and all.
And on another note. The piece concludes with this statement: And it's no wonder right wingers find rich raw material to exploit. Average people don't consider themselves "right wingers". Common sense is common because everyone possesses it. College campuses receive broad scorn, the most vocal may be right wingers, because for all their knowledge they never come to the truth. And here, I'm equating truth with common sense. The place seems devoid of it. And, that is irritating.

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