Friday, July 14, 2006

Austin Bay is in Lebanon

Instapundit quotes Bay here. This paragraph reminds me of waiting for a hurricane and then it comes:

War is both nerve-racking and boring. Its hard to explain being shaken awake at 4:00 am by a bomb. Or just sitting around all day watching the news as your electricity comes in and out. Nothing really happens but you're chewing your nails the whole time. Excluding the new generation, the Lebanese people are eerily accustomed to this and know things I could never dream about, like cracking the windows at night to avoid shattering from sonic booms...
People, if you're getting your news from the MSM exclusively, you're not getting the news on this thing. Read Austin Bay and stayed linked to Pajama's Media.

Update: Jeff Goldstein notes that "Saudia Arabia is blaming Hezbollah, not Israel." Hmmmm, Israel might just roll into/bomb the bejeebers outta Iran.

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