Monday, July 24, 2006

Austin Bay: North Korea Counterfeiting U.S. Dollars

North Korea is getting more provocative. Launching missles, attempting to disrupt economies, and generally being a nuisance. Why? Does there have to be a why? Can someone just get crazy for the sake of it? Austin Bay links to this article:

The arrests also prompted a more momentous accusation. After the indictments were released, U.S. government and law-enforcement officials began to say in public something that they had long said in private: the counterfeits were being manufactured not by small-time crooks or even sophisticated criminal cartels but by the government of North Korea. “The North Koreans have denied that they are engaged in the distribution and manufacture of counterfeits, but the evidence is overwhelming that they are,” Daniel Glaser, deputy assistant secretary for terrorist financing and financial crimes in the Treasury Department, told me recently. “There’s no question of North Korea’s involvement.”
Like Iran behind Syria and Hezbollah, it seems to me that China is the power behind the North Korean crazy. And linking them both? Russia. These powers play a dangerous game. It is one Saudi Arabia and Egypt are learning the hard way: placating and funding crazies is all fun and games until you're the one with the business end of a rocket-launcher pointed up yer snout.

Right now, it suits the wanna-be world Players purposes to use the crazies to pick at the U.S. and other Democracies committed to defending themselves. It also suits their purposes to see who folds like a cheap lawn chair--so far Spain, France, the Netherlands and other weak-kneed Europeans have all demonstrated public appeasement (helping behind the scenes, when useful, 'cause for all the hate speech, it would be nice if America is there, you know, just in case....).

The terrorism, in a sense, is working. It is revealing alliances. It is revealing weaknesses. You see, underneath all the nuttiness are a few Dr. Dementos waiting for their chances at world domination. The roots of nuttiness are the same: Fascism in the name of Islam and Communism in the name of "the people". Ha! It is laughable to write it, but more than a few American Leftists swoon at the allure. No, underneath the labels are a few guys who want the world to work according to their wishes and desires. Total control of everything!

Meanwhile on DailyKos, diarists talk about the dumbness of Americans, how the Bush's economy is "flawed", and it is Israel and Bush's fault the Mideast is in tumult. So, let me get this straight:
Americans are stupid, the economy sucks (yah, the 4% unemployment rate enjoyed here is horrible), and it's all the Jews fault. Read the comment thread at the Israel link. It is unbelievable, anti-semitic garbage.

By the way, I searched Kos for a link about Israel today and there was nothing. The last three days, only the anti-semitic post and the other an open thread. This is what constitutes serious thinking? War is bad. Guns bad. Killing is bad unless you're a suicide bomber and/or are Muslim. U.S. is bad. Israel is bad. Let's see, does that about sum up the deep thoughts?

Makes me think of the scripture, "When I was a child, I spoke as a child." When will these people put away childish words and grow up?

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