Saturday, July 29, 2006

Blogging Around People Who Think Blogging Is Stupid

I have relatives in town. They don't get it.

Why this addiction to writing meaningless stuff when you could be participating in meaninful conversations about...... I'm tempted. Oh, I am so tempted. So tempted to tell you all the conversations that are sucking the I.Q. points right out of my addled brain.

But I will resist the urge to tell everyone that we talked about how to get raspberry vomit stains out of the Ralph Lauren comforter, the beautiful new sheets, the pearly white duvet cover and all the pillows on my guest bed 'cuz my nephew left as a present when he couldn't sleep on the kid bed made for him. Oh no, he had to sleep with Mama, because it was too dark, and the room was soooo scary. And besides, when Prince Puke-a-lot hurls, it's got to be on something with 400 thread count or it ain't good enough!

That's right. Why blog? It couldn't possibly be because my optimistic, irrepressible (there you go Ann Althouse) spirit hopes, nay, prays that somewhere, someone has a normal family. Somewhere really smart, totally lucid, socially mannered, well-behaved, delightfully incisive, and sane people spend time with their smart, lucid, mannered, incisive, sane relatives. I'm not saying that my family isn't smart, lucid, mannered, incisive and sane.

I'm just hoping that other people are as lucky as me.


Anonymous said...

I will be starting my own blog soon :O) No normal family here anyway. Jen

Chalmers said...

That is awesome! I was expecting a diatribe on what a leftie your brother is, but instead I get vomit talk. Top knotch! How bout a Fresca?

Well, it was good seeing the crazy family again for a day. I will see you guys in Q4.

Your Peace Loving Brother,

HollieMichelle said...

The main reason that I blog is that I want to talk about something that may not interest my friends or family. I may be upset by a news event or some type of injustice and I want to connect with other people to stimulate awareness and discuss ways to enact change.

I mostly keep it fun on my blog and visit other blogs where most of these events are already up for discussion.