Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Dearborn, Michigan 10,000 Arabs March to Stop Zionist Terrorists

Local Jews will counter demonstrate tonight at 7 p.m. It is possible to be pro-Lebanon and pro-Israel. These Muslim demonstrators just can't seem to grasp nuance.

Saying that Israel is killing children and bombing innocent citizens, one of the speakers, Osama Siblani of the Congress of Arab-American Organizations, said, "This is terror." The crowd cheered loudly in response. "They are cowards."

"We know that the president is being bought by the Zionist lobby. We know that the (U.S.) Congress is being bought by the Zionist lobby. ... But we know that the American people are a great people," he said.

Some of those views concern many in the Jewish communities of metro Detroit.

Well, at least we're great people. You know, I'm sick of supposed citizens talking about America in the third-person. "Americans are great people." Aren't you an American? Oh, that's right. You're Muslim. You're not-so-patiently waiting for the world to submit to your religion.


Chalmers said...

Israel IS terrorizing Lebanon. There is no doubt. If Israel was attacking Hezbollah they would be bombing the first 5 miles of Lebanon, and Syria. Fact is, the Israelis are cowards, they know that if they bomb Syria, they will be starting a war with Syria and Iran and Israel is not so sure they can win that war. Lebanon is an easy target. Israel has not been able to squelch Hezbollah in decades, how do they expect a weak DEMOCRATIC government to do it a few months?

Israel is very adept at attacking weak opponents. There is your chicken and egg argument. Did they get that from the US, or did the US get that from Israel?

Anonymous said...


I think you oversimplified some in your response.

Yes, Israel is "terrorizing" Lebanon at this point, but the nature of the conditions over there forces it to be fought that way. Yes, we cow tow to Israel now – we have to since we are in a weak position over there.

Israel can make mashed potatoes of Syria in a moment - Israel knows it, Syria knows it, every body over there knows it (and could do the same to any of their neighbors it turns out). The one thing Israel has going for them -that the U.S. does not!- is intelligence in leadership. Here is how you can tell:

1) Israel knows if they kick Syria's butt a worse thing(s) will take over to run that country and will de-stabilize the entire area. They can keep that wuss Assad under their thumb as it is. (The U.S. could learn a lot in this regard) So, when you can deal with the enemies you got, why make more - like we did.

2) Israel does not want a protracted war. They want to: a. serve notice to the Hez folks and Iran they can not and will not sit back and let them make forays into Israel and harm Israeli citizens whenever they want, b) neutralize Hez enough they can then withdraw from Lebanon and assist the Lebanese army in moving into the vacuum they will create by weakening Hez this much. (Once again, the U.S. could learn something from this) Yes, it leaves a mess, but they don't have to be in the middle of it,... just be in a position to influence/manage it from a distance.

3) You will note that Israel has zero interest in an international peacekeeping force sitting on their border, yet great interest in the Lebanese army being there. Hez could lob rockets all day over the U.N. force, send homicide bombers, etc. and Israel would just have to take it mostly and have very limited options for resolution. If the Leb army is sitting there and that starts, Israel will ask them to take care of it, and if they don't get it taken care of Israel will just roll through and do it themselves. Hez desires an international force to come in - that says a lot itself.

Truth is Israel would like to have a bunch of neighbors like Jordan and Egypt, someone with whom they would share a couple of common interests: a. they have the same enemies, Islamic terrorists, and b. really don't want to go starting a mess with anyone. The rest of their neighbors in one way or another support and provide active haven for evil.

Israel does not have the interest, desire, manpower, or stupidity to attempt to "fix" things in the Mideast. The best they can hope for is a careful balancing, yet commanding existence,... comparable to the African lion with his pride surrounded by jackals and hyenas at all times: He can whip someone whenever he needs to, but would rather keep consistent checks and tabs on everything around him and be left alone to carry on unharmed. The time is coming when the lion will go down, but he is not that weak yet.

Seems to me this is kind of a repeat of the "good times" in Israel's history in the bible - they always had enemies, but really just wanted to be left alone to do their own thing yet would go battle to keep those around them in check. And, as usual, the best at doing this is Judah.

Nothing new under the sun it seems.