Saturday, July 22, 2006

Firefly on the Web

NBC is putting a failed TV series on the web. Why not the Firefly series? I know I would pay to watch it. Each episode is better than 99% of the movies I watch. I just read a poll on the Firefly Fan site that over 60% of fans there would spend $50 or more/year to finance the show. I know I would. Since only 17,000 people voted, and say they all contributed $50, that would be only 8.5 million. There are people who would donate more (me). That's how desperate for decent entertainment I am. And guess what? With all the buzz and being the first series on I-Tunes (not repeats--the first series). It would go bananas. At least that's how I see it. (Firefly Movie is awesome, too. Buy, don't rent, it.)

And the reason I would support such an endeavor? Don't get me started on Pirates of the Carribean II. It sucked. Johnny Depp saved the movie from complete crap-dom. The ending was ridiculous. I see the future and it's stupid. And yet, it is successful.

These are the days when I weep for the future.

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