Sunday, July 23, 2006

Friendly Advertising

Hi all! Happy Sunday, hope you're enjoying the weekend.

You'll notice that I've added some advertising to the side. I'm experimenting. The top box is what Amazon comes up with based on my content. This should be interesting. The second and third boxes are the Bed-wetting gadget and Claire Berlinski's book.

A note of explanation: the bedwetting gadget is fantastic. It worked with my autistic son in one week. I was so disappointed I didn't find it sooner. A client of mine used it with her son. It worked after one night with one accident two weeks in and then bed-wetting O-V-E-R. If you know someone whose family struggles with this, please, please tell them about this little doo-hickey. It works via a sensor in placed in a panty-liner in the child's underwear. The first hint of moisture, if you spit on it, it will deliver a buzz and alarm that could wake the dead which is attached to the child's shirt. It must be turned off by him or her. It works. Follow the directions. It will work.

The Claire Berlinski book is a must read. I've harped on it. Now, I've made it easy to get.

I'll change the recommended stuff every now and again. Further down, there are some random offerings falling into these categories: politics & Tolkien, family and alternative health. Ha! We'll see what the Amazon metrics comes up with. Pay attention. They'll change.