Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I Hate Housework

You notice the posting is light today? Well, this morning I've been busying myself with "reality-based" chores. Laundry--five loads. Dishes--two loads. Sweeping. Wiping. Cleaning.

And you know what? Lunch undid it all. The formerly immaculate kitchen lasted for all of five minutes. This, my friends, is the dark, ugly side of staying at home. While I peel a grape off the floor, my mind wanders existentially..... contemplating when peeling a grape implied different things, you know?

Some days, the best I can do is to not be a bad mother. In fact, you wouldn't believe how lofty a goal that is at times. Forget the positive: "today, I'm going to make mothering history!" Just gettin' by can be quite the accomplishment.

So, I could throw out the juice box and wipe down the high chair and sweep the floor, again. Or, I could rearrange the office. Or take care of those phone calls. Or, I could put my feet up and read for a bit while the kid takes a nap. Which do you think I'll choose?


vj said...

If it helps, you're not alone! Lets see, hmmm, I bet you're sitting down and reading. I would!

Anonymous said...

Put your feet up- dirt and clutter will always be with us!