Friday, July 14, 2006

I'm Here And I'm A Breeder: Teaching Tolerance For Those "Different" Than Us

When I was in Key West two years ago, an exchange that happened between the hotel clerk and a guest shocked me. He and his wife lamented, "all the families bringing their children (said sneeringly) and ruining everything. Thank Gawd this place doesn't allow kids."

After checking out this gracious, narcissitic baby boomer, the clerk said, "Yeah, tension has really been rising between breeders and everyone."

"Breeders?" I asked.

"You know, breed -ers. People who breed kids." She seemed exasperated at my ignorance.

"Isn't there room for everyone?" The question was rhetorical. After that I heard the "breeders" term used a couple times in conversation and have used it ever since. I've decided to take on the perjorative term. Kinda like the word queer, "breeder" is my description and I'm proud of it.

Intolerance for traditional family types by gay types boils in other tolerant locales these days. Seems that the name calling and assault and intimidation are the new tactics to win over Same Sex Marriage opponents in Provincetown. Yup. That'll work.

Here are some of the tactics:

On same-sex marriage, the clashes have occurred as the state Legislature grapples with whether the electorate should vote on a measure to limit marriage to heterosexuals. A group that supports gay marriage, knowthyneighbor, has created a website displaying the names of more than 100,000 signers of a petition that calls for the state Constitution to be amended to prohibit same-sex marriage.

Knowthyneighbor's tactics are controversial, with critics alleging that knowthyneighbor is making the names of same-sex marriage opponents public in an effort to expose or intimidate them. The group's founders say they are simply promoting civic discourse.

I do feel that someone signing a petition should be willing to defend their beliefs. And yet, the notion that knowthyneighbor wants to "promote civic discourse" is silly on the face of it. They know that such a divisive issue can cost people business (both ways) and more. Some other loving gestures:

One St. Peter's parishioner, Yvonne Cabral, was verbally accosted last Friday by Provincetown Magazine publisher Rick Hines after Hines learned that Cabral signed the petition, according to police.

Police Chief Ted Meyer plans to seek charges of disorderly conduct against Hines, who saw Cabral shopping and loudly called her a ``bigot," according to both Hines and Meyer. Other people who signed the petition -- and subsequently had their names posted on the same website -- said manure has been spread on their properties in recent months, Meyer added.

All parties involved agree that Cabral was shopping and Hines was buying a hotdog when Hines told Cabral that she was a bigot.

Yes, I'm sure that were the tables reversed, and Ms. Cabral confronted Mr. Hines publicly about his sinful behavior while he was going about his business shopping and continued to rant that he would go to hell for his immoral waywardness using words like "deviant" and "sick" and then, for good measure spreading manure on his lawn, he would not be championing her "free speech".

The notion that someone can be against Gay Marriage due to their religious belief or for other reasons automatically qualifies someone as "bigot". There is only one way to look at it--the p.c. way, the gay way. And because that perspective is the "right" way, any means necessary to intimidate, coerce, humiliate, and maybe even hurt, are justified, right? Tolerant.

These methods won't work, people. These methods will backfire.

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Christy're said...

Thanks for posting this. I recently commented on a MA blog that I would like the opportunity to vote (on gay marriage) and dealt with an onslaught of slander and insults for two days. The angry person even took my photo off my blog, messed around with it, and called my husband and me "douchebags" on his blog. Oh, I'm apparently also a "homophobe" for wanting to vote. (I grew up in the in the world could I be afraid of gay and lesbian people???)

I had been on the fence on gay marriage, but this won my vote against it if only out of spite.