Thursday, July 27, 2006

Israel Has Choices

What will Israel choose to do? I go to this link to a Jerusalem paper and see the sweet faces of the dead Israeli boys and I wonder about the resolve of these people to sustain a loss of life. It seems to me that the horses have left the barn on this venture, but that has never stopped determined politicians from trying to gather them back in and pretend it is a victory.

Iranian leaders are trying to get more arms to Hezbollah. Let's hope they don't find a way to supply them. And there are already sharp criticisms saying that Israel has eliminated any good will from the Lebanese people as Marc Cooper says here, "....but Israel's prolonged and vengeful response is fostering new hatred for Israel and its US protector." An apt response comes from the comment section:

Samuel Stott Says:

If I am reading this correctly, this is an argument for Hizbullah as an ineradicable force in Lebanese and Mideastern politics; this is an argument for giving Hizbullah a role, instead of killing Hizbullah leadership and fighters.

Okay, what are Hizbullah’s terms for peace in the Middle East?

Hizbullah’s minimum terms are the eradication of Israel.

My concern with Israel, is that they will wage a war too concerned about collateral damage and let the ground troups go into fire fights insufficiently covered. Damn the Hezbollah for surrounding themselves with their families, their "people". Trying to be antiseptic in war is a good way to lose a war, and more importantly lose the lives of your own fighters. Loss of life in war will happen. Loss of life because of pussy-footed strategy is unacceptable.

Hezbollah isn't concerned about collateral damage, are they? They are aiming their 1500 rockets, so far, at civilian centers. They know where the infrastructure, the military installations are located. They want to kill as many Jews as possible.

Israel has no choice and yet, she does. The fight must be won or, I fear, die anyway.

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