Thursday, July 20, 2006

Israel's History

I keep thinking, "Ok, that's the last post for the day." But I can't stop before linking to this post by Carl at Israel Matzav (thanks TTLB) giving Israel's history.

I think a little education is in order, so that some of the commenters here can at least base their opinions in fact. Remember my post about the ding-dong Kos diariist Nyceve? As ignorant as Richard Cohen who called the formation of Israel "a mistake", (oh, yes he did) nyceve needs to read this post and bad. American Jews could at least be educated about their heritage before waxing elephant about Jewish amorality and the moral superiority of "Palestinians". (Read the article, you'll understand why I put the word in quotes.)

He concludes:

Israel is neither a mistake nor a crime. It is the beginning of the culmination of more than 2000 years of Jewish yearning to return to our homeland. The manner in which the Jewish people has chosen to govern the Land of Israel has its faults. But being a 'mistake' created in 'Arab land' - let alone being a 'crime' - is not among those faults. We Jews have to learn to stop listening to liberals like Cohen and to start fighting - with God's help - for our existence. Hopefully, the current battle marks a turning point.


vj said...

I had to print "Carl at Israel Matzav" out since it gave me a headache reading all this on the computer. This was very interesting and informative to read. How in the world can anyone say that Israel is a mistake.

Anonymous said...

Dr. M, Thank you for bringing this to my attention. This article is excellent.