Saturday, July 29, 2006

Killers Are Mentally Ill

I said that about Andrea Yates, and it's true about any killer. Mentally stable people don't go on murderous rampages against innocents, do they? Don't you have to be crazy to kill, unprovoked, unarmed people?

No they don't. Hugh Hewitt talks about how the MSM excuses criminal behavior by labelling it crazy. And then, interestingly, the stories vanish. Poof! Gone into the fog of failed mass murder attempts by Islamic radicals that no progressive wants to admit exists.


Chalmers said...

This has been one of my theories for a long time. To kill is not "normal." To me, the only question is, are you permanently crazy or temporarily? Answer: if you are permanently, you deserve to have a quick and painless death, if you are temporarily, you deserve a permanent stay in a secure facility. Insanity is supposed to protect people that do not understand what they are doing. Yates knew she was doing wrong, she was crazy, but she knew she was wrong.

Dr. Melissa said...

I also think the impulse to kill is normal. We all have it. We suppress it--either because we don't want to lose our own life through death, jail or because we hold to higher values like love, patience, etc. The choice to no longer suppress is a sort of giving up, a concession to a base nature.

And, I don't think it is so far off to say "the devil made me do it". The absence of light is darkness. And once someone snuffs out their own light, they are open to doing all kinds of dark things.