Tuesday, July 18, 2006

LaShawn Barber Asks, "What in the Fallen World?"

Her answers, especially about reparations, are worth reading. Why don't I read her more? She's getting added to my blogroll post-haste. She says this:

Bottomline: Blacks already receive reparations with every lowered standard, every welfare check, every skin color-entitlement government contract, every race-based program subsidized by taxpayers, and every politically correct doctrine that seeks to suppress honest discussions on race and encourage others to apply different standards to black Americans in just about every area of American life.

If only reparations would stop the complaints, excuse-making, pandering, envy, and hostility! I would be the loudest proponent, donating my share to the poorest of the poor, shouting from the rooftop, “Thank God for this cash, for now my people are free, satiated by the ultimate government check!”

But we all know money is not the answer, nor will it ever change human nature.

She adds this:

So…that’s why I’m bored with politics, which is merely a small part of the cosmic struggle to get our way with as little effort as possible. That’s what the GOP’s hunt for the “black vote” is all about, that’s why the immigration debate rages (a cheap and servile labor force, maximum profits v. the rule of law, preservation of American culture), that’s why some black folks are clamoring for more government hand-outs, and that’s why some whites are willing to give it to them, hoping they’ll go the heck away and stop all the “woe is us” whining.

Tell me, readers, what in the fallen world is going on besides wars, rumors of wars, the destruction of a great country, and the loud (and wrong) call for more hand-outs?

I especially love her description of the immigration debate: "a cheap and servile labor force, maximum profits v. the rule of law, preservation of American culture". Could it be said any better?

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