Sunday, July 16, 2006

Lebanon's Plight

A bitter letter from Lebanon.

For those Lebanese who feel betrayed by an America so willing to back up Israel, please note here: the political complexities Lebanon faces are not lost on many Americans (even as insulated and ignorant as we are). The Lebanese are trying to make their way and build a democracy. The military and government are weak and fragile. No doubt, Syria and Hezbollah wish to exploit this weakness.

There are a lot of questions as to why Israel is attacking Lebanon first instead of going to the source: Syria. My wish would be that Syria gets blown to smithereens. Not touchy-feely nice, I know. Cut the heart out and strangle Hezbollah. But Israel may well be trying to deal with the immediate problem on their border and then go to the source. Time will tell.

No one is happy with Lebanon losing its infrastructure. No one is happy with Lebanon ending in destruction. Should Israel pretend that Hezbollah isn't the mafia that practically runs Lebanon? Someone is in charge. If it isn't the elected government, it's Hezbollah and Syria.

I hope that Syria gets demolished. I hope that Hezbollah in Lebanon gets destroyed. I hope the poor people in that war-torn country can overcome bitterness and rebuild--hopefully with the help of the world community.

I have hope. I pray for the good people of Lebanon. I pray for Israel. The outcome of this war will mean everything for the future of the Middle East and the World.


David said...

Shortly after D-Day, the Allies launched an operation to capture the French port of Cherbourg. This operation, which included both artillery and air bombardment, certainly caused heavy casualties among French civilians. I'm sure many residents of the city felt very bitter and had a hard time understanding why the Allies didn't just go fight the actual enemy, Germany.

The reason, of course, was that they needed a port for logistical purposes. This was cold comfort to the residents, but it was a reality.

Not all decisions can be made at a purely emotional level.

Dr. Melissa said...

All the cliches hold... war just plain stinks. And you're right: emotions that interfere with sound strategy have no place in war. And I hope the U.S. and Israel don't bow to pressure to make this a P.C. effort.

The job needs to get done, and completely. I still mourn for the people of Lebanon. I do believe they have been trying to manage their own has just not been enough to spare Israel. Israel made a choice to end the half-measures.

The results pain me nonetheless. The sting will be removed if Hezbollah is eliminated for good.

Chalmers said...

will the attacks just end with Hezbollah? If Hezbollah is destroyed everything will be ok? Just like Iraq? Get rid of one madman and his two sons and they are replaced with thousands of nut jobs looking for something to destroy?

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Chalmers...will they ever go away. These people are not normal!

Dr. Melissa said...

Hey Chalmers,

Did you see that? "I have to agree with Chalmers". Is that music to your ears or what?

A madman with a rocket launcher is bad enough. A madman's sons with nukes worse. Perhaps that is why Egypt, Saudia Arabia and other Mid East gov't won't condemn Israel. In fact, could they be happy that someone is standing up to Iran? They all have a lot to lose.

vj said...

Just read in Spiegel Online that an estimate of 2000 Germans and additional other tourtists are in Lebanon trying to flee. This escalated so quickley it's freightening. Did you see this coming since you keep up with this a lot more? Why are there so many tourists over there? Did anyone see this coming?

Dr. Melissa said...

No one except Hezbollah and Hamas saw this coming. That's the problem. The Lebanese gov't isn't in charge and Assad isn't in charge in Syria and Iran is the crazzzzzy puppeteer.

The P.C. world is just surprised about Israel's actions because hand-wringing and navel gazing at the UN Security Council pass for solutions.

The U.S. didn't know, obviously, we're extracting our many thousands of citizens as well. Over 25,000, to be exact.

vj said...

Yes, this evening I finally started hearing on CNN just how many thousands of tourists are over there. I pray to God that these nutty Hezbollahs are not going to hit the ships with people trying to flee since their aims have been... wherever.

Negotiations is going to take a while and in the mean time more and more innocent people are being killed and the nations demolished.

Is Hezbollah even going to listen to negoitiations? Are they willing to return those soldiers or have they already barbarically killed them? Are they willing to cease fire? I have my doubts!

I hate any kind of war but the war on terror is even worse because these cowards hide among their own innocent people, play "catch me if you can", and mock and laugh with each new success. When one group gets dealt with, lo and behold, here come some more. These spineless idiots are really getting on my nerves!