Sunday, July 16, 2006

Liberals Are More Creative

Ann Althouse considers that notion. I'm not sure. The most banal art comes forth when restraint is a dirty word. (Can you say Vagina Monologues?) Creativity is finding a novel solution within constraints. If we confine ourselves to Hollywood creative types, hmmm....

I think it's backwards. Creative (entertainment) people are more liberal. But the reason for that is fairly simple--they tend to be highly unconventional--go against the grain of conventional thought...or any thought. They feel. Sensitive, feeling types, creative types, do not tend to inhabit the upper eschalons of intelligence, necessarily. It's not required for the job. Some claim intelligence all evidence to the contrary (just ask Sharon I'm-in-Mensa Stone), but one could dispute her leaden acting as creative. But I digress.

And, on a further note, the visual arts is not the only place to demonstrate creativity. Commerce, law, medicine, the space program for heavens sake all require creativity.

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