Monday, July 31, 2006

Liposuction Death In A Basement

Liposuction is one of the most dangerous, if not most dangerous cosmetic procedures with a doctor in a hospital who knows what he's doing. If your neighbor suggests coming to his basement for a little touch-up, I would decline. AND RUN TO THE PHONE AND CALL THE COPS! What are people thinking?

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Peggy said...

I absolutely agree with you that parents need to do everything they can to avoid the encorachment of western materialism into their lives. And not just because stuff costs money, but also because it is often the wrong stuff and is distracts and rots the soul.

That said, your post - and many such others like it that I have read by women who "choose"/"sacrifice" in order to stay home with their children often fail to mention the the biggest sacrifice going on - the father who is going to work every day to provide for the family and as a result is missing out on all those precious bonding momments. 20 years later, we wonder why so many men have full blown mid-life crises - because they hate it that they've missed out. I know, I know - men can choose to work less, they can juggle, they can prioritize their family. But if we really belive that, then why don't we want moms to go to work also?

Let's face it - in a volatile economy where layoffs are not uncommon, a man is going to work hard to keep his job so he can keep providing. Self employment for the sake of flexibility is a nice option when it works out, but it's simply not the right work choice for everyone. (And MLM's routinely fail to deliver the glamorous lifestyle the promise!) suggests that couples work together to both have careers that can be somewhat flexible so both parents can enjoy time at home and both can contribute economically so one person isn't under the gun all the time. It's a neat concept - one my husband and I used. He often says he is so grateful for all the time he had at home when the kids were little and how he knows he couldn't have done it if I hadn't worked.

Biblically speaking, the Woman of Valor in Proverbs 31 is my ideal. It's clear that her focus is on her home and family and everythng she does supports those values (a lot of men approach their careers in this manner also). But she is also out of the home using her talents to participate in the local economy. She runs a business, she provides well for her household (and that includes some luxuries, not just the bare minimum). She is skilled. Her work provides employment for others that might not otherwise have jobs (what a wonderful gift to give someone - gainful employment by a just employer!) Her husband has no lack of gain because of her. In the end, her children don't say, "You missed my basketball games!" They rise up and call her blessed. May all mothers be so blessed!! :-)