Friday, July 28, 2006

Mass Shooting at the Seattle Jewish Center

Instapundit has all the news.

It's disturbing. More on the Seattle thing at Pajamas Media. More at Drudge.

The victims were women, one 17 weeks pregnant. The aggressor a Pakistani male with a criminal history, (this is alleged at this point) supposedly has no terror contacts--he's just a disgruntled Muslim man.

You know what I'm sick of? All the murderous, marauding, mayhem causing Jews at the the center of these melees. If it weren't for them....... Those poor, terrorized Muslims in Dearborn and everywhere else in the U.S. fearing, at any moment, the aggressive Jews will come and get 'em.


David said...

I can't imagine how anyone can decide whether or not the perpetrator had "terror contacts" after only a few minutes or a few hours. Statements like this by authorities don't seem to me to show very good judgment.

Anonymous said...

Poor Muslims? Aggressive Jews? Number one, you should refrain from "sweeping" characterizations. Number two, if you insist -- bone up on your history. The complexity of our current experience prohibits shortcut conclusions for the sake of catharsis. Since you appear to be an otherwise thoughtful, intelligent blogger -- this entry is surprising.

Dr. Melissa said...

Obviously, I should be more clear when using sarcasm. The last paragraph was sarcastic.

Can anyone name one marauding, gun-totin' Jew who threatened Muslims?

That was my point.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clarification. To your longer-time blog readers, it may well have been unnecessary by way of a sort of aggregate understanding of your views and writing style. The sad problem is that your sarcastic remarks reflect a real and ubiquitous sentiment. Forgive the failure to distinguish your words from the same ones written literally so many other places.

Just illuminates the limitations of the written word alone when conveying something like sarcasm-- (cyberspace excludes the help of body language for such devices)

Keep up the good work.