Monday, July 10, 2006

Maxed Out Mama: North Korea is a Nuclear Midget

She says:

The only reason that anyone could believe that North Korea is a threat to us is the unconscious assumption that we would not retaliate in kind. We should remove that assumption, and we should remove it from ourselves first.

The surrender monkey politicians now trotting around Washington would have lost WWII, and the consequences would not have been good for the world. To hell with regretting Hiroshima; the Japanese government was about to launch bioweapons attacks on the US and China. They tested them in China, btw, and on captured US servicemen, some of whom
they infected and then dissected alive to assess the physical effects. The Japanese regime of that era was an evil, racist entity that knew no moral boundaries whatsoever (understand Japan of that era, and you will never again deride the Judeo-Christian tradition), and it would never have surrendered as long as it believed that we would not annihilate it if we needed to. Shrinkwrapped's post on ending arguments is necessary reading in this context.

It is time that the US recovers the ability to look at evil and recognize it for what it truly is. The Japanese people did not deserve Hiroshima, but no moral law requires a country to kill a million of its own servicemen in order to preserve the lives of 100,000 powerless civilians of a nation engaged in amoral pursuit of raw power. If the US people could once again grasp that concept and summon up the grit to express it, 90% of the international BS would be over. [emphasis added, -ed.]
Amen. Read the whole thing. "Surrender monkeys". I love that.

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