Monday, July 24, 2006

Meanwhile, Back In Iraq.......

The violence narrows, the culprits (surprise!) are buddies of Saddam who have yet to breath their last. Iraq the Model says:

Although late, it was a bit of a relief to see Iraqi and US commanders planning to move more troops into the Baghdad area (also via Pajamas).

I was thinking the other day that military priorities of the US and Iraqi forces need to be reorganized according to the challenges imposed by the intentions of the bad guys to take over Baghdad. I mean why does the US keeps thousands of combat troops in relatively less turbulent areas that are of much less strategic value to the bigger picture!?
This redistribution of forces should've been considered months ago.
Amen. Even I, lowly Dr. Melissa, no strategerist, have written about this notion. Glad it will be happening. Can't happen soon enough.

I'm guessing that the loss of life that will likely occur by making this shift has made it a politically difficult choice. This is war. The choice is done. Move in and extinguish the the hope and the lives of the scum who wish to protract this thing and cause the murder of innocents.

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