Sunday, July 16, 2006

Medienkritik Analyzes Schizophrenic German Media

Now, the German media want the "warmongers" to take a "leadership role." The previously discussed "balanced" German media is highlighted at this blog. Go to it to see the "balanced" Der Spiegel covers about the U.S. Oh yes, they love us, the really, really do love us.

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Chalmers said...

I think maybe the Germans are deferring to the US since the US is the country that destabilized the region beyond the instability that ruled for quite some time. Had the US waited on the UN in Iraq, then the US would be waiting on the UN in Syria. Instead, now the world is waiting for the cowboy to take on a target that could actually fight back... Iran. It is no mystery that if Syria is invaded (which I hope it is), then Iran will attack (which I hope they do), and then the US will actually be fighting someone worth fighting... but Bush only starts wars he is certain to win on Fox News...

with a bleeding heart,